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Welcome to Ridgely!


Ridgely has been a fixture in the Alleghany Highlands for over 100 years, welcoming friends, family, and guests to relax and unwind in its comfortable setting.

Built in 1902 by Ambrose and Rives Ford, Ridgely was and remains one of the most spectacular homes in the Highlands, known by many throughout the region simply as The Ford House.

Ambrose and Rives Ford.jpg

From the time of its construction, Ridgely has known only 3 families to call it home - The Fords, The Roberts, and now Sean and Lisa Dunster. We welcome you to experience a house and gardens like none other.

Built on the side of Fore Mountain, Ridgely and Ridgely Gardens encompass 2 acres, with dozens of varieties of flowers, plants, bushes, and trees, many of which have been here since the 1920s. Walk the grounds enveloped by nature, sit and relax among the beauty, leave refreshed and wanting to come back again and again.


The House

One of the oldest houses in Clifton Forge, Ridgely has been lovingly maintained to where most of the original design, architecture, and charm remain. Yet it has also been meticulously updated with many of the modern features guests come to expect in a home this grand.

A walk through Ridgely is a walk back through time where elegance and comfort meet.


Four guest rooms await your stay. Each with its own style as unique as Ridgely itself.


The Gardens

The gardens at Ridgely were designed in 1926 and remain virtually the same as when it was first landscaped. Once home to Mrs. Ford's prized roses, several heirloom rose bushes still thrive after nearly a century. Three large oak trees serve as guardians to the property, keeping watch for close to 200 years. This is in addition to magnolia, birch, pine, maple, peach, apple, and dozens of other trees, plants, and flowers. Three levels connected by paths and walkways make up the perfect location for small weddings, office parties, and corporate retreats.